How COVID-19 is Changing, Not Breaking, the College Experience

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College today looks a bit different than it did a year ago, but students are reaping the same benefits. Knowledge, job training, and profitable skills are all part of the package. It’s only the delivery method that has changed. 

At Phillips Graduate Institute of Campbellsville University, classes have moved online until the current public health crisis passes. However, our professors are just as dedicated as ever. Students who graduate from our Master’s of Marriage and Family Therapy program during COVID-19 possess all the educational requirements needed to obtain LMFT licensure in California, and their skills to help will still be unsurpassed. 


Benefits of Online Learning

Aside from keeping our students, faculty, and their families safe from the COVID-19 virus, online learning at Phillips Graduate Institute provides access to all the same classwork and resources that are available in-person. Students meet as scheduled in virtual classrooms to attend classes led by their instructor. They work from the same textbooks they would use in a non-virtual classroom, and they learn the same material. 

All that’s missing is possible exposure to a serious illness, and in return, students have the opportunity to master technology and polish their interpersonal, online communication skills. 


A Temporary Solution

Online learning is a viable solution during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are proud to take part. It is, however, only a temporary adjustment. In-person learning will commence as soon as it’s deemed safe for students and faculty to meet face-to-face. At that time, students and instructors will return to our buildings with no time or academic credits lost, thanks to the opportunity to practice distance learning. 


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