Why It’s Always Better to Learn From Professionals in the Field

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When it comes to practical learning, textbooks pale in comparison to the advice of someone who’s been there. When a specialist in the field shares stories and anecdotes of challenges they’ve faced and solutions they’ve found, concepts stop being black-and-white and take on vivid color. 

It’s this experience that the Campbellsville University’s Phillips Graduate Institute’s Master of Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) program strives to recreate for every student in the program. For this reason, every instructor who leads classes at PGI was an industry specialist before they were a professor.


Advantages of Specialist-Led Learning

Educators are designing alternative models of learning all the time. They take what works from the traditional classroom and integrate it with newer, more innovative, approaches. Using these new techniques, students become more invested and much more engaged. Such is the case with specialist-led learning. The industry-professional-as-instructor model of instruction has multiple advantages, including:

  • Subject matter is up-to-date and relevant to the field.
  • Students receive an insider view of the industry.
  • Professors provide a source for networking.
  • Students have the opportunity to discuss and react to real-world scenarios. 

When an industry professional leads a class, they’re able to impart the most cutting-edge and accurate information. They’re also able to cover small details that only someone who works in the field would know. Accordingly, students graduate with the information they need to take off running where others may hesitate. 


Specialist-Led Learning Is More Hands-On

Phillips Graduate Institute’s MFT program is proud of the hands-on learning environment we create for our students. Instead of reading about therapy sessions, they learn about them first-hand through our one-way viewing station that lets students observe real-life therapists, in real-time, as they counsel actual clients. Students have the opportunity to ask questions and brainstorm solutions. All the while, they’re guided by instructors who have spent time helping people themselves.


The Master of Marriage and Family Therapy Program at PGI

Phillips Graduate Institute offers a well-designed MFT program for those wishing to earn their master’s degree. Our students are among the most highly trained in the job market, thanks, in part, to specialist-led learning. Not surprisingly, our student-satisfaction rates reflect this.

Join our upcoming online information session to learn more, or contact a Master of Marriage and Family Therapy program representative today to enroll.