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5 Semester Marriage & Family Therapy Program in Los Angeles

You want to make an impact. You care a lot about others. You want to help couples and families live happier, healthier lives. 

If you think that describes you, our MFT program can be a great way to enter a fulfilling career in marriage and family therapy in as short as 5 semesters! Get a jump start on your MFT degree today with MFT scholarships.




At the Los Angeles Education Center of Campbellsville University, Phillips’ students are exposed to foundational concepts and cutting-edge developments in marriage and family therapy through a systemic/relational perspective. Lectures and assignments are always complemented by experiential learning and skills training.

California Licensure

Students who complete the MFT program will have met the educational requirements for LMFT licensure in California. Campbellsville University is accredited through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. 

Program Schedule

Full-time MFT students typically graduate in less than two years. Our program includes one full-day of MFT classes a week, a three-hour weekly Case Conference course, and practicum hours at a clinical placement site.

Experiential Learning

In year one, students participate in our Case Conference course, where they observe actual therapy from behind a one-way mirror. Students participate through observation, co-therapy, discussion and are mentored by licensed MFTs.


The MFT program requires students to complete 500 hours of practicum experience (as part of the academic requirement) at an approved training agency prior to degree completion. Students can start their practicum experience in as early as their second semester. 

Our MFT students receive valuable information and guidance throughout the practicum experience. Students are assisted in acquiring clinical placement at approved practicum sites that are affiliated with the university. Training opportunities are also available at the California Family Counseling Center (Cal Fam), the Phillips onsite community counseling center.

The practicum experience, part of the student’s clinical training, allows students to provide counseling services to clients under the supervision of licensed professionals. Phillips-approved training sites include counseling centers, schools, mental health agencies, and hospitals.

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