The Graduate Stipend Program

The Graduate Stipend Program

The Graduate Stipend Program intends to award educational stipends to students with clinical field placement (traineeship/internship/practicum) in an outpatient treatment facility operated by a county-run or county-contracted mental health / behavioral health agency, excluding programs administered in or by an adult correctional facility. In addressing the workforce needs of the SCRP counties, the program will recruit students in the fields of clinical psychology, social work, marriage and family therapy, professional counseling, and psychiatric nurse practitioner.

2021-22 Graduate Stipend Program Update

There were 251 applications submitted from students receiving clinical training in mental health facilities in the counties of Imperial, Kern, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Barbara.  Those applications that met the eligibility criteria (see section below on Eligibility Requirements) had their essays read and scored by the Review Panel. The quantitative scores and qualitative essay scores were submitted to the applicants’ corresponding placement counties; thereafter, each county selected those applicants to be awarded a stipend. Overall, there were 80 applications selected to receive a stipend (see below for the number of stipends awarded by each county).

Phillips’ SCRP Stipend Program will notify all student applicants of their selection status by using the email provided in the student’s application. If a student applicant does not receive an email about their selection status by March 18th, contact the program at

Students selected to receive a stipend will need to complete and submit the Graduate Stipend Program Agreement and the Clinical Field Placement Completion Form (see below for Signing of the Stipend Program Agreement). These documents will be emailed to the selected students for electronic completion and signature.

Students selected to receive a stipend will receive a Zoom invitation to attend The Stipend Orientation on April 8th, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM. The orientation will review the Graduate Stipend Program Agreement and the Clinical Field Placement Completion Form, will provide information on the issuance of the stipend amount of $6,000, and will answer any questions. Individual orientations will not be provided.

The Stipend Orientation via Zoom is April 8th, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM.

In addition, selected students will need to complete a W-9 Federal Form and a Direct Deposit (ACH) Authorization for the electronic payment of $6,000 to the student’s financial account. The Stipend Orientation will provide information on this as well as an explanation that educational stipends are not taxable income.

Summary of Important Items for Selected Students.

  • Attend the Stipend Orientation on April 8th, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM.
  • Electronically complete and submit the Graduate Stipend Program Agreement.
  • Electronically complete and submit the Clinical Field Placement Completion Form.
  • Electronically complete and submit the W-9 and Direct Deposit Authorization.

Number of Stipends Awarded by County

Imperial                           4                                         Kern                                  1

Orange                            14                                        Riverside                         9

San Bernardino             18                                        San Diego                        26

San Luis Obispo             2                                          Santa Barbara                6

Updated March 10, 2022

Stipend Amount and Number of Stipends Awarded

The Graduate Stipend Program is funded for four academic years: 2021-22, 2022-23, 2023-24 and 2024-25. A maximum of 113 stipends will be awarded. Each stipend is $6,000 and awarded to offset the cost of the student’s graduate studies.

Eligibility Requirements – Academic Year 2021-22

  1. Students enrolled in an academic program that leads to the practice of clinical psychology, marriage and family therapy, social work, professional counselor, or psychiatric nurse practitioner;
  2. Students who are in good standing in their academic program;
  3. Students who are currently participating in their final year of clinical field placement (traineeship, internship, or practicum) located in an outpatient county facility or agency funded by a county;
  4. Students with lived experience, second language capacity and diverse backgrounds will be prioritized applicants;
  5. Students who do not have any existing service obligation with other entities, including other OSHPD or county programs;
  6. Students who are not in breach of any other health professional service obligation.

Application Information

Each SCRP county will be fulfilling their own workforce needs when awarding the stipends allocated to that county. Application selection criteria may vary from county to county, so students are encouraged to be informed on their county’s recruitment endeavors. Each county will select student-applicants to award one of its allocated stipends from their list of finalists. The number of allocated stipends per county is related to the size of each county. ​Ventura County will not be participating in the Academic Year 2021-2022. 

The application process for all students regardless of county or discipline is the following:

  1. Students must complete the state application of the Office of Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) OSHPD will score and submit a list of applicants with their initial scores to the Stipend Program at Phillips.
  2. A review panel organized by the Stipend Program will score the essays to determine the applicants’ qualitative score. The panel will consist of members of the California Consortium and will include administrators of public mental health agencies and professionals with familiarity with public mental health practice. The staff of the Stipend Program will not participate in the scoring of the applications.
  3. The Stipend Program will compile the initial scores with the qualitative scores to arrive at the final score for each applicant and will submit the final scores to their respective counties. Each county will then award its allocated stipends based on the applicants’ final scores and county priorities.

Student Stipend Program Agreement

Students who are awarded a stipend by their county will need to attend an orientation conducted by the Stipend Program to sign the Stipend Program Agreement. The agreement requires that students complete an IRS W-9 federal form. The orientation will inform students on the administrative role of the Stipend Program, the student’s responsibility for accepting the stipend and on the issuance of the stipend checks. Recipients of the Graduate Stipend Program will be expected to fulfill the completion of the pre-degree field placement based on the educational program requirements and the county’s requirements in which the student serves.

Additional Information for Interested Students

Students are encouraged to review the 2021-22 SCRP Graduate Stipend Program Information before deciding to apply. Students will be notified by the Stipend Program on the status of their application once the applications are processed and throughout the selection/award process.

Important Dates

OSHPD application will be available on October 1, 2021

Application Deadline for Academic Year 2021-22 is November 15, 2021


The following is provided for students who applied for the 2021-22 Graduate Stipends. Students are encouraged to review this site regularly for updated postings.

Notice to 2021-22 Student Applicants. All the applications were processed by the state’s Health Care Access and Information (formerly the Office of Health Planning and Development) and submitted to the Stipend Program of Campbellsville University on behalf of the Southern California Regional Partnership. The state included for each application a quantitative score based on the data (information) provided by the student in the application.

Hence forward, Campbellsville University’s Stipend Program at its campus in Chatsworth will administer the applications and will notify students that their application was received and processed. Students need to check this webpage for ongoing information as the Stipend Program will not respond to emails regarding information that is provided here and frequently updated.

Ineligible Applications. The state received 251 applications of which 211 were determined to be eligible. Ineligible applications included those where the student provided no practicum site, or a practicum site in a non-qualifying county or non-qualifying training agency. Phillips will notify the students whose applications were determined to be ineligible. There cannot be any changes or additions to the information included in the application.

Scoring the Essay. The essays of the eligible applications will be scored by members of the Review Panel. The panel will consist of mental health professionals with considerable experience in public mental health practice. Employees of Campbellsville University will not participate in the scoring of the essays.

The panel will score each essay based only on the information provided in the essay. The panel will not have or see other information submitted as part of the application. The panel will only read up to 500 words in essays as stated in the directions.  Each essay will be scored separately by two members and the average of the two scores will be that applicant’s essay score. The Review Panel will begin the scoring of the essays soon after the new year.

Awarding of Stipends. The Stipend Program will add each applicant’s qualitative and essay scores to determine the applicant’s final score and will submit that score to the student’s county representatives. It is the county representatives that will decide which student is awarded a stipend based on the final score. (Please note that scores will not be given to students.)  The Stipend Program will inform each student if they were awarded or not awarded a stipend.

Signing of the Stipend Program Agreement. Students that have been selected to receive a stipend will need to attend the Stipend Orientation facilitated by the Stipend Program via Zoom. The orientation will inform students of their clinical placement obligations and on the distribution of the stipend check. The orientation will also review the Stipend Program Agreement that each stipend recipient will need to sign. The date and time of the Stipend Orientation will be announced once the Stipend Program receives the names of the selected stipend recipients. The orientation date will be posted here.