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MFT Consortium of California

The MFT Consortium of California unites the eight regional consortia of MFT academic programs throughout California with the mission of enhancing the quality of clinical training to MFT students. MFT educators of each regional consortia examine the various protocols schools use in preparing students for practicum training and collaborate with the community clinical sites that provide the direct clinical experience and supervision to the students. Many of the regional consortia include as members clinical directors of agencies that provide practicum training (traineeships) to MFT students.

Each regional consortium has a host school that organizes and facilitates it quarterly meetings. Thus, the MFT Consortium has been effective in promoting the quality of practicum training for students pursuing a career in marriage and family therapy.

The Greater Los Angeles MFT Consortium is the regional consortium for MFT schools and agencies training MFT students in Los Angeles County. Educators from MFT schools in surrounding counties also participate in the Greater LA Consortium. The Greater LA Consortium is hosted by Phillips and conducts the consortium’s quarterly meetings. The Greater LA Consortium, under the administration of Phillips, is in partnership with the Training Division of the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health to award educational stipends to MFT students trained to serve consumers of the county’s mental health delivery system. Click here for more information on the Los Angeles County MFT Stipend Program.


The MFT Leadership Collaborative

There are eight regional MFT Consortia each with a host school that provides administrative leadership. Each regional MFT Consortium represents the MFT academic programs in their area and has regular meetings facilitated by the host school. For more information on a regional consortium, contact the regional host under “Members of the Leadership Collaborative”.

The regional hosts have regular phone conferences to engage all the regions in a collective effort and is facilitated by Phillips. This collaboration has advanced the integrity of the profession and the participation of its members in local and state governance.

In 2008 the MFT Leadership Collaborative was successful in obtaining a grant from the California Mental Health Department in awarding educational stipends to MFT students. Through this grant the MFT educators united to recruit students who were committed to public mental health practice and who were able to provide linguistic and culturally appropriate services to “difficult to hire” areas of the state.

Because the MFT Consortium is not a legal entity, Phillips was chosen as its legal entity and administrator of the stipend program. The MFT Leadership Collaborative provided leadership and guidance in the effective delivery of the California Stipend Program for MFT students. The statewide educational stipend program was in effect from FY 2008-09 to FY 2017-18 when the state discontinued these stipend programs. Overall, 812 stipends were awarded and these stipend recipients were employed throughout 40 counties in California.

Members of the MFT Leadership ColLaborative 

MFT Consortium of Greater Sacramento

Host: Paul Jenkins, Ph.D., National University, Sacramento, Pjenkins@nu.edu


MFT Consortium of the Bay Area


Tiffany O’Shaughnessy, Ph.D., San Francisco State University, taosh@sfsu.edu

Lisa De La Rue, Ph.D., University of San Francisco, ldelarue@usfca.edu


MFT Consortium of the Central Valley

Host: Barbara C. Burt, Psy.D., University of Phoenix, Barbara.burt@phoenix.edu


MFT Consortium of the Central Coast

Host: Rachele Moskowitz, MA, Antioch University, Santa Barbara rmoskowitz@antioch.edu


MFT Consortium of the Inland Empire

Host: Diana Herweck, Psy.D. University of Phoenix, diana.herweck@phoenix.edu


MFT Consortium of Greater Los Angeles


José Luis Flores, M.A., Phillips at Campbellsville University jlflores@campbellsville.edu  

Michele Shepherd, M.A., San Fernando Valley CMH, Inc. mshepherd@sfvcmhc.org


MFT Consortium of Orange County  


Mary Read, Ph.D., CSU, Fullerton mread@fullerton.edu

Kathleen Wenger, M.A., Pepperdine University, Irvine kathleen.wenger@pepperdine.edu


MFT Consortium of San Diego & Imperial Counties Central Coast


Julie Hayden, Psy.D., Rhombus University gorhombus@gmail.com


Additional MFT Leadership Collaborative Members:

Cathy Atkins, California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, catkins@camft.org

Olivia Loewy, Ph.D., Olivia Loewy & Associates, olivia@olivialoewy.com