Enrollment Services Office

Enrollment Services Office

The Enrollment Services Office at Phillips Education Center of Campbellsville University is a resource for all candidates interested in the Marriage and Family Therapy program. Regular business hours are Monday through Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., with limited availability on Friday. Please visit our website at www.discoverphillips.org, call (818) 386-5660, or e-mail phillips@campbellsville.edu for additional information and assistance.

Campus Visitations

Potential students are strongly encouraged to visit the campus and meet with the Director to gather information about our program, to learn about student life at Phillips Education Center of Campbellsville University and to have all questions answered. Additionally, Phillips regularly offers Information Sessions to provide potential students with information about the University, program, admission requirements, financial aid, and scholarships. To schedule an appointment or to find out about upcoming Information Sessions, please go to https://discoverphillips.org/visit or call the Enrollment Services Office at (818) 386-5660.

Application Deadlines

Applications are accepted and reviewed on a “rolling” basis, which means they are reviewed until a program is filled. We encourage all applicants to use the Priority Application dates as guidelines to be considered for the semester they wish to start. Students applying for financial aid should plan to meet the Priority Application dates to ensure completion of the admission and registration process, if admitted.

Fall 2019

Priority Application date is August 5, 2019

Semester begins on August 19, 2019

Spring 2020

Priority Application date is November 15, 2019

Semester begins on January 6, 2020

Applicants are encouraged to contact the Enrollment Services Office for information regarding the application process at (818) 386-5660.

Prerequisite Requirement

All applicants to Phillips Education Center of Campbellsville University must have completed an earned Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from a regionally accredited college or a university. Applicants currently enrolled in a bachelor’s program may apply to Phillips, but must have their degree conferred prior to the start of the semester for which they are applying.

A cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of a 3.0 is required. However, all applications, regardless of GPA, are reviewed in a holistic manner to determine appropriateness and fit for acceptance into the Marriage and Family Therapy program at Phillips. A Grade Point Average Exemption Statement may be required prior to review by the Admissions Committee.

To Apply For Admission

1. Complete all application and documentation requirements. This includes your Application, Essay, and a Request for Transfer Credit (if requesting transfer units).

2. Request three (3) recommendations from individuals with knowledge of your academic and/or professional potential. Recommendations are to be sent directly to the Enrollment Services Office or emailed to phillips@campbellsville.edu.

3. Request official transcripts from all previous colleges or universities attended at the undergraduate and graduate level. These are to be mailed directly to Phillips from the institution.

4. Submit all application documents to:

Enrollment Services Office
Phillips Education Center
19900 Plummer Street
Chatsworth, CA 91311

If there are any questions about the admissions process, please call the Enrollment Services Office at (818) 386-5660.

Application For Admission

For admission consideration, submit your application along with all required documentation. Ensure that the form is fully completed, signed and dated.

Statement Of Interest

Applicants are required to submit a 400 – 500 word essay demonstrating interest in the MMFT degree. The statement should describe your interest in becoming a Marriage and Family Therapist and how your life experiences or abilities have prepared you to become an effective therapist.


Three (3) recommendations are required for applicants to the MMFT program. Recommendations should be written with six (6) months of the application and submitted directly to the Enrollment Services office. An approved form may be found online at www.discoverphillips.org.

Applicants should not select family members or friends to provide recommendations. Recommenders should be able to speak to an applicant’s ability to be academically and professionally successful in his/her chosen field of study and as a graduate level student.

Where possible, it is preferred that recommendations come from different sources in the applicant’s life. Applicants who have not attended school for several years should submit recommendations from persons who are familiar with them on any level of professional involvement.

Grade Point Average Exemption Statement

If an applicant’s degree Grade Point Average (GPA) falls below 3.0, the applicant is required to petition for a Grade Point Average Exemption Statement with his/her application.

The applicant must submit a one- to two-page, doublespaced, typed statement explaining past, special, or personal circumstances that contributed to a GPA below 3.0. This statement should also explain why the applicant feel that he/she would be able to successfully participate in a graduate academic program.

Request For Transfer Of Credit

The maximum number of units a degree-seeking student may transfer in at the master’s level is twelve (12) units. To
be eligible for transfer credit, units must be earned at the graduate level at a regionally accredited college or a university with a grade equivalent to a “B” or higher within the past five years and must have significant comparability in nature, content and level to the comparable required course for which transfer credit is being requested.

If an applicant is requesting credit for graduate coursework completed at another college or university, the applicant must submit the “Transfer of Credit Request” form along with transcripts and course descriptions for the coursework for which he/she is requesting credit. All requests for transfer of credit should be submitted with the Application for Admission; however, requests must be received by the Enrollment Services Office prior to the start of classes for courses scheduled within the first semester. Requests must be submitted no later than the end of the first semester of attendance for courses scheduled after the first semester or the request will not be considered. Any requests received after the first semester of attendance will not be considered.

The site chair, or his/her designee, will review all requests for transfer credit and the applicant will be notified in writing of the decision. Even if credit is granted, a student may be required to audit coursework as deemed appropriate by the site chair.