Wolfe, Lisa

Program Coordinator, Professional Workforce Development
Administrative Coordinator, MFT Consortium of California & MFT Consortium of Greater LA

Career History

Lisa currently manages the Professional Workforce Development in the delivery of educational stipends to students in various fields of behavioral health care in counties across the state to promote public mental health workforce development through academic recruitment, specialized clinical training, and financial incentives.
Lisa has been a part of the Phillips’ community since June 2000. She held the position of Clinical Training Coordinator of the MFT Program and the Doctoral Psychology Program. She began providing administrative assistance with the acquired contract of LA County Department of Mental Health Stipend Program in 2005 and with the acquired contract with the state of California in 2009, Lisa implemented and managed the statewide MFT Stipend Program for ten years.
Lisa has been an active member of the MFT Consortium of Greater LA since 2000 and continues to provide administrative assistance for the 90+ members of MFT educators and clinical training program directors and supervisors. Lisa also provides administrative assistance to the regional of the MFT Consortium of California. Lisa is passionate about facilitating the collaboration of MFT educators and clinical training directors and supervisors of practicum sites to advance the education and training of MFT students in California.


  • B.S., Psychology, California State University Northridge
  • M.S., Marriage, Family, Child Therapy, University of La Verne