Masters in Family Therapy: Family Therapy vs Individual Therapy

by | Dec 9, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

Perhaps when someone mentions therapy your first thought is one-on-one work between a patient and a therapist. As a therapist you can exclusively work in this manner, however, you could also succeed in a variety of related fields. This is one degree that’s versatile enough to take you anywhere you want to go in life, offering enviable pay and job security in a world that’s as uncertain as it has ever been.


What Can You Do With a Master’s in MFT? 

A degree that prepares you to counsel those battling mental wellness issues is versatile enough to open multiple doors. Graduates are qualified to address substance abuse, depression, anxiety, sexual dysfunction, eating disorders, and much more. They’re able to advocate for abused children, abused elders, and the disabled. As a graduate of Phillips Graduate Institute, you’ll be eligible to work in legal aid, within the U.S. court system, or as a corrections counselor.

With a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy, vast career opportunities await your exploration, and most offer significant benefits and even better pay.


Who Can You Help With a Master’s in MFT? 

As a graduate of Phillips Graduate Institute’s Master of Marriage and Family Therapy program, you can provide solutions that help couples heading for divorce. You can counsel their children through this most difficult time, too. And while you may not be able to save their marriage, you can help them learn how to communicate in more positive ways.

Conversely, you may decide you’d rather guide victims of substance use disorder to recovery. As a result, you could spend your days teaching and modeling healthy recovery behaviors and coping skills to adolescents or adults who’ve never experienced them. You could play a huge role in helping someone achieve a lifetime of sobriety. 


Who Will Benefit the Most From Your Decision? 

While you’ll find yourself in an excellent position to help others with a degree in marriage and family therapy, you may be the one who benefits the most. There’s a solid need for mental health care workers in today’s chaotic world. And need translates into ample opportunity and highly competitive pay. It’s predicted this field will grow at a faster-than-average rate over the next eight years, and you could find yourself at its forefront if you plan accordingly. Pursuing your master’s degree in MFT at Phillips Graduate Institute is an investment in yourself and your future. Visit our website or attend our next online information session to learn more.