Javan Taherkhani: A Management Professional Now Interested in the Business of Living

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With a Bachelor of Arts from Claremont McKenna College and a rapid career trajectory to senior management in the business world, Javan Taherkhani describes himself as someone who had always been clear on his goals for the future. Nevertheless, it was after a significant measure of professional success that he was at a crossroads, he says. How best could he really make a difference to others? What career path would truly bring him the fulfillment and sense of accomplishment that he had worked so hard for after his university career?

While long ago he had considered the idea of medical school, his former interest in the sciences held little appeal after time in the workforce, though his interest in psychology had led him to major in the field while in college. After invitations to pursue several different career paths, he finally sought out a career counselor to discuss his options. He told her he wanted a job he could grow with while making a meaningful contribution to the world at large.

In meetings with the consultant, he drew upon his psychology background and lifelong interest in relationships, well-being, and larger social issues to identify the study of psychotherapy as a career choice. While he applied and was accepted at other programs, a chance meeting with a peer who had attended Phillips Graduate Institute cemented his decision to attend Phillips instead.

“Phillips makes you feel like you really matter. It’s a place dedicated to the study of relationships, so it feels right that the school itself feels really personal, like you’re not just another student, but an individual. That resonated with me,” he says.

Javan describes his time at Phillips as everything he hoped for, and more. Drawn to narrative psychotherapy he also has found meaning in existential and CBT approaches. Ultimately, he reports he’d like to work with adult men, helping them to not only achieve their goals but also recognize their true value in a world where masculinity has been frequently and confusingly redefined for many.