Statistically Speaking, A Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy Is a Good Thing

by | Dec 22, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

So many occupational fields have floundered in the wake of the current public health crisis, but those who work in mental wellness are still in strong demand, including anyone who holds a degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. In fact, the need for specialists trained in mental health care is greater today than it’s ever been. And as an MFT, now is the ideal time to put your superpowers to the test, counseling those who have suffered the most from the unforeseen events of 2020. 


The Not-So-New Need for Marriage and Family Therapists

Marriage and family therapists have always enjoyed positive job outlooks, better-than-average career growth, and comfortable salaries. In 2019, the median salary for MFTs provided a professional wage, and projected job growth was a whopping 22 percent — much faster than average.

But with the current state of the world, the need for those trained in marriage and family therapy will only increase. Domestic violence is up, so is unemployment. Marriage, under the threat of COVID-19, is struggling. Divorce rates are reflecting the stress brought on by financial insecurity, feelings of social isolation, and uncertainty over what’s coming next. In the two months following America’s March lockdown, divorces climbed by a startling 34 percent over the previous year. As someone specially trained in interpersonal communication, your skills are more vital today than ever before. 


America’s Declining Mental Health Under COVID-19

There’s no arguing that America is struggling with the fallout from COVID-19, says a June 2020 survey given by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Roughly 41 percent of those who responded to the survey admitted dealing with mental-health-related issues stemming from the virus. Top complaints involved feelings of anxiety or depression, with trauma a close second. Sadly, 13 percent of respondents were struggling with new or worsening substance use disorders, and 11 percent had experienced suicidal thoughts. 

Today, it’s estimated that 64 percent of all adults in America suffer from a serious mental wellness issue, yet only 43 percent ever receive treatment. As someone highly trained in mental health issues, you can help shift these statistics. As a marriage and family therapist, you can be the impetus for change.


Consider a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy Today

If you’re still sitting on a bachelor’s degree, and you’re uncertain where your future should lead you, consider the Master’s of Marriage and Family Therapy program at Phillips Graduate Institute. Consider a highly rewarding career that affords you the opportunity to change the world, one family at a time. Consider solid job security and abundant availability of jobs. Mostly, consider the lasting impact your skills can have on those who are hurting and don’t know how to heal. 

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